Type Multinacional

Location , España

Barcelona Supercomputing Center - Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC) hosts the supercomputer MareNostrum. It also counts with well-known supercomputing research groups that develop tools for the academia and industry.

BSC is Spain’s leading supercomputing centre and specialises in High Performance Computing. Its mission is twofold: to offer supercomputing infrastructure and services to European and Spanish scientists, and to generate knowledge and technology that can be applied for the benefit of society.

BSC is a first level hosting member of the European research infrastructure PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe). BSC also manages the Spanish Supercomputing Network (RES). 

BSC-CNS is an institution of prestige and a scientific leader at national and European level. At BSC-CNS you will have the opportunity to integrate into a team of international scientific reputation.

BSC-CNS offers a future rich in opportunities and growth on both a personal and professional level. BSC-CNS is seeking innovative, dynamic and multipurpose professionals.

BSC-CNS offers diversified opportunities and continuous growth on a professional level. Indeed, we provide our staff with the unique skills required to stay relevant and successful leaders and professionals, both in the academic and industrial worlds.

By joining us, you will have the opportunity to integrate a young team of international scientific prestige with access to innovative facilities, while living in the modern, cosmopolitan and dynamic city of Barcelona.

Career Development and Training Plan

BCS-CNS has a strong commitment to developing the careers of its staff. The professionals who join the center bring with them a strong commitment to developing an upwardly mobile career path that must be maintained continually over time.

The personnel management system includes an annual performance objective and evaluation system. Under this system, the level of progress to be achieved by the individual in his or her role and at the center will be set periodically, so that a training plan can be matched to the needs of the staff member and of BSC.

The Career Plan that is implemented for staff members is intended to bring each contributor’s aspirations for professional growth into line with the objectives of the center, making it easier to identify training needs and contributing to the development of the center’s annual Training Plan.

BSC-CNS also offers a scholarship program designed to promote and facilitate career-oriented professional development in the field of research for students and young researchers. It combines academic and teaching actions with the support of universities and other international research centers.

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