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From we group all the academic disciplines into 11 general blocks and each of them corresponds to several specific degrees:


Arts & Humanities

Ciencias Sociales Jurídicas y económicas

Applied Science


Architecture and construction

Industrial engineer

IT Ingeniería informáticas & Telecomunicaciones

Civil Engineering

Health sciences, sports and social services

Tourism, hospitality and culture

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We organize two annual events in Barcelona and Madrid that are JOBarcelona and JOBMadrid. The companies that attend our events have the opportunity to:

  • CAPTURE the best junior university talent.

  • OPTIMIZE the processes of attracting potential candidates, talent and recruitment.

  • ENLARGE its pool of candidates from all disciplines, universities and nationalities.

  • POTENTIATE Employer Branding actions: presentation of the company as an employer.

  • MANAGE online candidatures from before, during and one month after the event.

  • TO GET BETTER the processes of centralization in the collection of databases.

  • BEEF UP marketing strategies, impact between the university target and junior professionals.

  • ACTIVATE CSR actions by and for youth employment.

  • ESTABLISH new channels of professional Networking.

  • TAKE PART at the cutting-edge and innovative event for the University Talent Acquisition processes.

  • EVALUATE The impact that the company has as an employer among university students.

  • EmailMatching Campaign directed by target segmentation

  • Talent acquisition campaigns in social networks and other channels and media

  • Participation in events and congresses of employment and professional orientation

  • Campañas de Branding Employment

  • Specific BIGDATA analysis campaigns to measure the perception of the candidates.

  • We have a database of more than 50,000 candidates at the university level.


“We consider it an event that allows us to attract young people with potential to join our organization. It is a good source of recruitment and Randstad shares space with other companies that are leaders in their sector, being an interesting event to continue participating.”

Marta Vilanova, RANDSTAD - RPO National Director

“Being able to participate in the 2016 edition of JOBarcelona has allowed Jungheinrich to have contact with other companies in the sector and outside of it to establish networking relationships in the future and take advantage of our business knowledge to enrich each other.”

Rocio Huertas, JUNGHEINRICH - Selection and Training Technician

“For us, the participation in JOBarcelona is a great opportunity to meet the talents that we continuously seek, given our continuous expansion.”

Katharina Thewanger, LIDL - Selection and Employer Branding Consultant

“JOBarcelona is the annual appointment in which we have the opportunity to get in direct contact with young graduates and to find multidisciplinary talent. Our experience has been very satisfactory, since on the day we participated, we were able to speak with almost 200 candidates.”

Virginia Conesa, ESTEVE - Human Resources Partner

“Participating in JOBarcelona allows us to know a segment of potential clients in a very close way. Face to face, in a world in which all interaction is mediated by the digital environment, it is very enriching to be able to share two days with young people.”

Josep Armengou, BANC SABADELL - Director of Talent Acquisition & Internal Selection

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