Type Multinacional

Location , España

ABA – Work in Austria is a department of the Austrian Business Agency, which also encompasses the national investment promotion consultancy ABA – Invest in Austria and the nationwide film commission Location Austria. The Austrian Business Agency operates under the auspices of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs.

Thanks to this expansion, ABA is positioned as the central point of contact for specialised employees from other countries and as the key driver for presenting Austria as an attractive business and work location. For this purpose,

Austrian companies are showcased at events held abroad,

cooperation agreements are arranged with outstanding universities,

comprehensive information is suppled about Austria as a place to work,

networking opportunities are organised in Austria and abroad and

vacant positions for international specialists are compiled and presented in an Austrian-wide online job platform.

People enjoy many advantages when working in Austria, also when working in Austria as a foreigner, not least because the rights of employees in Austria are exceptionally well protected by labour laws. This is reflected, amongst other things, by the second lowest strike rate in the world and the excellent relations between employees and employers.

Austria stands out in an international comparison thanks to its very good level of wages. According to the latest OECD statistics, it is ahead of countries such as Denmark, Sweden and France and recently also ahead of Belgium and Germany. It is important to note that as a rule, the monthly salary in Austria is paid fourteen times per year.