Type Multinacional

Location , España

The international health business of Cigna Healthcare is a healthcare and health services provider offering the highest standards of care to protect people’s health and well-being. We make healthcare easy to understand and provide the expertise people need to make informed health decisions. We look after everyone, at every stage of life, giving them confidence to make informed decisions to improve their health. 

At Cigna, we understand that achieving or maintaining health goals has never been more important. Staying healthy can be hard work especially when we’re faced with health concerns like chronic diseases, obesity and diabetes, and behavioural issues like stress and lack of exercise and sleep.

Access to care, getting healthy and staying healthy is easier with the support of a trusted partner. Our vision is to be the whole health partner of choice to the people we serve throughout their lives. With our whole health approach, we’re focused on addressing health concerns, improving resilience, reducing stress levels and emotional health issues. We are committed to creating better futures for our customers and clients and to help them achieve or maintain their physical, mental, financial or social health goals.

Our affordable solutions and focus on innovation enable us to meet the dynamic needs of our customers, clients, intermediaries and communities and empower them to proactively own and manage their health.